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QWhy are the options so slow?
There are so many options on this Stack that it slows down editing to some degree. The workaround is to limit the size of the Text or Stacks table you are editing, or use the CSV File option to read large tables from a spreadsheet in your resources. Make as few changes as possible, and edit slider/number control values rather than actually sliding them with the mouse.
QCan FlexTable read a Google spreadsheet?
No, but FlexTable can read a CSV file from any URL, so it is possible to export from Excel for example and save the CSV file in the cloud to be read by FlexTable.
QHow do I control individual column widths?
The Stack supports control over the first column, and all remaining columns, but not for each column individually. Use the auto keyword to have columns sized reasonably, or use values such as 100px to set exact widths.
QCan I rearrange the contents of my table?
If your table Content type is Text, then you must Cut and Paste contents into other cells in order to rearrange. If your table Content type is Stacks then you can simply drag contents around. The FlexTable Stack supports a Reverse rows option which lets you quickly re-order the rows from top to bottom.
QHow do I create a CSV file and where do I put it?
You can create a CSV file by Exporting a spreadsheet from Excel or Numbers, or by hand editing one with your favorite text editor. The format is "text","text",... When you have created the file, drag it into your RapidWeaver Resources area then in your Stack use the path resources/filename.csv. Whenever you update the CSV file on your Mac, it will be flagged as modified in your RapidWeaver project, and will be included in your next Publish.
QCan I download a sample CSV file?
Sure, right-click here then save the file and edit. Drag it into your Resources area then point your Stack to it.
QA Stack requiring PHP shows nothing when published - how can this be fixed?
Stacks requiring PHP need the file extension of the page to be changed from .html to .php in the Page Inspector. You may need to follow this change with a manual removal of the old .html file by FTPing into your account to remove it, or by using your hosting service web interface.
QHow do I write Markdown?
Stacks supporting Markdown can parse text containing basic markup syntax such as *emphasis* and **bold** or [Click Here](http://www.brynowendesign.com) links. Documentation and an online interactive editing tool can be found at http://www.brynowendesign.com/sandbox/markdown. The Stacks supporting Markdown make use of Parsedown, developed by Emanuil Rusev at http://parsedown.org.

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FlexTable Features

  • Responsive
  • Markdown (CSV files)
  • Requires PHP (CSV files)
  • Requires JS
  • Sparkle updates

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