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Create attractive arrays of Text, Stacks, or CSV files.
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Catenate a file: include its content, plus your styling.
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Center or align Stacks on top of each other or to the page.
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Display a random quote from a list or CSV file.
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Display one or more of your Stacks at random.
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Easily handle PayPal™ purchases with this Stack.
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Select stacks to display based on form field values or url parameters.
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Control content based on page URL or form submission.
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Display debugging information for POST, GET, and SERVER parameters.
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Show and Hide Stacks responsively based on browser width.
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Show and Hide Stacks based on client type (Windows or other).
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A programmable realtime clock that can show time/day-dependent content.
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Count hits to your web pages in a stylish way.
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Turn any Stacks into a hotspot or link for single-click, right-click, double-click.
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Hide content such as text or unused Stacks.
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A graphic Stack for adding lines, edges, gradients, titles, etc.
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Create an attractive row of buttons with numbered links.
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Create a mailto link automatically from contacts in a CSV file or web page.


All Stacks share a common feature: flexibility. Stacks are packed with options designed to provide control over both form and function, and each option has a useful tooltip to make your life easier. If these Stacks don’t meet your needs, send me feedback or request a feature on the support page! I am open to suggestions.


You’ll need RapidWeaver® 5, 6, 7, or 8 by Realmac, and Stacks® 2, 3, or 4 by YourHead installed. All browsers are supported: Stacks available from this site have been tested on modern versions of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, on Microsoft and Apple operating systems, and all attempts are made to ensure compatibility and function. If you are not completely satisfied with your Stack purchase you will be given a refund.