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QWhere are the FAQs for this Stack?
FAQs are under development now and will be added shortly.
QHow do I create a CSV file and where do I put it?
You can create a CSV file by Exporting a spreadsheet from Excel or Numbers, or by hand editing one with your favorite text editor. The format is "text","text",... When you have created the file, drag it into your RapidWeaver Resources area then in your Stack use the path resources/filename.csv. Whenever you update the CSV file on your Mac, it will be flagged as modified in your RapidWeaver project, and will be included in your next Publish.
QCan I download a sample CSV file?
Sure, right-click here then save the file and edit. Drag it into your Resources area then point your Stack to it.
QA Stack requiring PHP shows nothing when published - how can this be fixed?
Stacks requiring PHP need the file extension of the page to be changed from .html to .php in the Page Inspector. You may need to follow this change with a manual removal of the old .html file by FTPing into your account to remove it, or by using your hosting service web interface.

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  • Requires PHP
  • Sparkle updates

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