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QThe output is all packed together and hard to read - how do I fix this?
If the file you are scanning is plain text then all new lines will simply be treated as whitespace (this is standard HTML). You can enable the line break feature to add HTML new lines for each new line in the file. This will usually restore the original appearance of the file paragraphs.
QA Stack requiring PHP shows nothing when published - how can this be fixed?
Stacks requiring PHP need the file extension of the page to be changed from .html to .php in the Page Inspector. You may need to follow this change with a manual removal of the old .html file by FTPing into your account to remove it, or by using your hosting service web interface.
QHow do I write Markdown?
Stacks supporting Markdown can parse text containing basic markup syntax such as *emphasis* and **bold** or [Click Here]( links. Documentation and an online interactive editing tool can be found at The Stacks supporting Markdown make use of Parsedown, developed by Emanuil Rusev at

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