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Count hits to your web pages in a stylish way - this is a standalone Stack that does not require registration on any site.
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Add a hit counter to your page and easily configure it to count every page hit/refresh, or only hits from unique IP addresses, or filter out repeated hits from the same user in a specified range of time. You can have individual page counters or set each one to share its count sitewide. Choose from a variety of styling options or make your counter invisible as a comment in your HTML (you can still check your hit count by viewing source)! A new feature allows you to show the hit count on other pages, to create a summary page showing hit counts across your site.

How does it work?
PHP is used to track and time page hits from IP addresses.
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Sample Stack parameters
HitCounter options allow you to configure the kind of hit counting you prefer, and the appearance of the count on your web page. There are several parameters to control the size and coloring of the counter so you have all the flexibility you need. You can now filter out your own IP address, or several, from counting toward hits.


Page/Site countYou may keep counts for each page separately by adding a HitCounter Stack to each page and using the Per Page option here, or you may set this Stack to share its count with all other HitCounter Stacks on your site so that they all contribute towards a Shared Sitewide count. This changes the counter database file from your page location to the webroot location.
Hit countingSelect how to count hits: Every Hit = increase the count every time the page is loaded or refreshed by anyone; Hits in Time = increase count only for unique IP addresses spaced apart by an elapsed time (so successive hits close together by the same person do not count); Unique IPs = each person increases the count only once, no matter how many times they revisit your page over time.
Elapsed timeFor timed visits, wait this long between hits from the same user before increasing the count. The result is that frequent visits by the same user are not counted, but if they revisit your site after a long time has passed, it counts. This is useful for preventing counts from the same user over a short duration of time as well, as is the case when they are browsing your site over the course of several hours, or leave it on their browser for several days.
Starting countAdd this value to your page count. Useful when changing from another service to this Stack: you can bring your old page count over. Set to 0 or blank to ignore this.
Counter fileThis is the name of the database file used to store hit information. Best not to change this unlesss you have multiple counters on one page, etc. Changing this will cause previous hit information to be ignored. Default file name is counter.dat
Show count from page ...Show (but do NOT increment) the hit count from a HitCounter on any page, selected using the link below. You may use this option to: have a passive hit counter that displays this page count but does not affect it, or create a summary page of HitCounters from all over your site. This option disables incrementing the counter, and only shows the hit count without affecting it.
Show from pagePoint to a page whose HitCounter you wish to display here. You must duplicate the settings of that other HitCounter that set the Page/site and Hit counting methods, and the Counter file, otherwise the count shown here may differ from the value shown on the other page.
Invisible!Enable this option to hide the counter, but continue counting. The count is added to the HTML as a comment only. The styling options below are ignored when this option is enabled!
Text fontChoose a font for the counter text, or select Other and provide your own font.
Other fontSelect another font to use for the counter text.
Text sizeSet this to any value in pixels or em such as 24px or 1.5em. A value of 1.0em is nominal text size and is the same as leaving this blank.
Text colorCounter text color.
Bold textBold the counter text.
Digit paddingAdd spacing between digits.
Padding t/bAdd top and bottom padding.
AlignAlign the counter within the div.
BackgroundChoose the type of background gradient for coloring, or transparent (color options are not used).
Main colorMain background color.
Main colorMain background color.
Main colorMain background color.
Main colorMain background color.
Gradient colorSecond background color for linear gradient effect.
Gradient colorSecond background color for linear gradient effect.
RoundingRound the background edges of each digit. The effect can become uneven for large values when the Divider width option is used to create a gap between digits (actually a one-sided border).
Divider widthAdd vertical bars between digits to simulate a mechanical counter. Set this to 0 to hide these bars. If transparent, then these simply act as spacing between and optionally around digits.
Divider colorColor of vertical bars between digits if used.
Divider colorColor of vertical bars between digits if used.
Divider colorColor of vertical bars between digits if used.
Add surrounding borderAdd a border around the counter matching the vertical bars between digits.
Add right borderAdd a border on the right matching the vertical bars between digits, to make them appear as shadows of the digits. Useful when rounding is enabled.
Enable hover detailsCheck this to add detailed count information to the digits that can be seen when hovering the mouse.
ThousandsChoose the type of thousands/millions separator to use between digits, or None to disable this.
Ignore IP addrsCreate an optional list of one or more complete IP addresses to ignore so visits from these clients will not affect your count. The list is addresses separated by space and/or comma, and each IP address should be in the form of nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn where nnn is a 1, 2, or 3 digit number in the range 0..255. Eg:,, You can google instructions on how to find your own IP address.
Check out examples of HitCounter - there are LOTS of style combinations so you can create a plain or fancy (or hidden!) counter to match the look of your web site …
Example 1: a HitCounter that increments on every single hit or refresh of this page - hit Refresh quickly to see the count increase every time …
Example 2: a HitCounter that increments for each IP after a 10 second delay - hit Refresh after this elapsed time to see the count increase. Hover the mouse over the digits to see the details option in effect …
Example 3: a HitCounter that increments only on each unique IP address - essentially once per person - hitting Refresh will have no effect since your IP was already used to increment the count. Note the thousands separator is programmable for different locales …

HitCounter Features

  • Requires PHP
  • Sparkle updates

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