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QWhere does HitCounter store the count information?
The Stack manages a file called counter.dat under your page or site. If you delete this file it will be recreated and your count will reset to zero, so take care not to tamper with it.
QI want to track hits to all pages on my site - how do I do this?
Add a HitCounter Stack to each page (or use a Global Content Stack if you have one) and set its Page/Site count option to Shared Sitewide. This means that any hit on any page counts towards the overall hits recorded and will show up in the HitCounter for each page. Note that you can hide the HitCounter if you only want to record the hits but not display them!
QA Stack requiring PHP shows nothing when published - how can this be fixed?
Stacks requiring PHP need the file extension of the page to be changed from .html to .php in the Page Inspector. You may need to follow this change with a manual removal of the old .html file by FTPing into your account to remove it, or by using your hosting service web interface.

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  • Requires PHP
  • Sparkle updates

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